New Work - More than a form of work

Nowadays, the term ‘New Work’ is used in an inflationary fashion as a label to all modern working models. We are convinced that this kind of usage does not justice to the original idea of the philosopher Frithjof Bergmann, who can be described as father of the New Work movement.   weiter

How Corporate Culture & the Human Factor play into Change Projects

Change is the only constant. Adaptability is key to securing an organisation's future viability. Read this blog entry to learn more about the crucial role of corporate culture and the human factor for sustainably successful change projects. weiter

How is learning evolving in the future?

Back in the 80’ies the future was predicted to be “multi-media” for a long time, but what came next with the web 2.0 was quite unpredictable for most.   weiter

Virtual Reality? The hidden gem of customer experience.

Initially Virtual Reality (VR) was intended as a way to experience immersive gaming, however it is already shaking up the customer experience. Here it is, the „Wow-effect“ you’ve been looking for. weiter

Smart transmitters and the Internet of Things

Mobile devices and tablets become more and more the main contact point between companies and institutions of all sectors and their customers. Small transmitters enhance this kind of communication by sending and receiving information from and to companies through mobile apps, products or objects. weiter

Serious Gaming

Serious Games (SG) are evolving into the cutting edge of nowadays professional development due to the worldwide digital turn. They are digital simulations of processes and real-world situations where realistic problems have to be solved, all the while having an entertaining nature. weiter