Exemplary project Business coaching

Change programme to improve B2B sales performance in automotive sales

Our client was in the comfortable position of being the leading premium brand in the national market. Aware of the old saying “The biggest mistakes are made in times of success“, the management board knew that there was still room for improvement at dealer level.

After the analysis of the initial situation with the client, we developed a tailor-made concept. The objective was to improve the dealerships’ performance in sales to small- and medium-sized enterprises. This was to be achieved with a structured and innovative management methodology.

The intended changes at the dealerships were facilitated through specific tools, proven methods and tested best practises. In order to foster the systematic application of the programme content and the continuous performance improvement, the dealers’ management was coached on-site for several months.

The results measured 6 months after completion of the implementation show a significant and sustainable increase in sales performance.