Exemplary project Competency development

Innovative programme to develop the competencies of the top management in automotive sales

The top management of automotive dealerships is facing a continuously increasing level of competition and complexity. This means that these managers need to enhance existing and gain additional competencies. We conducted a benchmarking study of existing competency development programmes for dealership directors, which brought to light that industry-specific and practise-oriented solutions are scarce – especially when an international rollout is envisaged.

In addition to the different maturity levels of the local markets, such a programme has to take into account the differences in structure and size of the individual dealerships.

In this context we created a modular approach for our client, allowing for a flexible focusing of the individual participants’ development needs as well as permitting a global implementation of the programme.

We defined four central fields of competence for the management of automotive dealerships, which cover the necessary functional expertise as well as the relevant management competencies. Based on these fields we developed a didactic approach that centres on interaction and the exchange of experiences and that focuses continuously on allowing the participants to easily put learnings into practise. To achieve this we integrated successful methods from executive MBA programmes. In order to foster the sustainable development of the participants’ competences, a virtual learning phase (“virtual classroom”) was developed.

After the successful pilot, this competence development programme is now being rolled out globally. We are especially happy to see that many participants have made considerable progress both in the structure of their companies and personally.