Exemplary project Management consulting

Development of a growth strategy for a successful medium-sized high-tech company with a global sales presence

Despite of a complex company structure, our client for this project, a family-owned company in the second generation, was managed very successfully. The organisation had grown organically for decades and was strongly influenced by the owner family. To prepare for the handover to a new, non-family management, a strategy for the next four years was to be drawn up and the company’s internal organisation was to be modified. An analysis carried out at the beginning of the mission had shown that the competitive position of the company was excellent due to its advanced technology. However, the sales department was not tapping the potential for growth in an optimal fashion. Together with the top management a new business unit strategy aiming at a more efficient connection of technologies, products and markets was designed. Activities without sufficient potential were discontinued. In order to implement the strategy and to prepare for the succession, the top management organisation was completely redefined. With our support, the new assignment of responsibilities was put in practise in only a few months. Already one year later a strong growth in turnover and profits could be achieved.